What Does Indian temple Hair stand for

There are many temples where the Hindu or Indian sacrifice their hair to purify or clean themselves and repay the debt to their god/goddess. The most famous temples where lot of people from India and many other countries comes to donate their hair in Indian temple are Ekambareswarar temple, Annamalaiyar temple, Nellaiappar temple and brihadeeswarar temple,

These are the four large Hindu temples where most of the Indians come to purify their heart, mind as well as Soul. These place welcomes about 40 thousand pilgrims every day, and sometimes even more than a lac per day during high times.

Indian temple Hair

This type of sacrifice is not new to our Indian culture. This old custom is carried forward from last 2000 years. The sacrificed hair of the Indian people is sold in the western world. All the hairs are collected in a large container. The Quantity of hair is around 45 thousand kilogram in every two months.

As pilgrimages also know that their hairs are been sold, but they also know that the money which comes from selling the hair are used for the good cause. Temple provide better facilities for the pilgrimages like they provide free accommodation, better quality of food for pilgrimages, free hospital for medical aid, and school for pilgrimage which is free of cost.

Children, men, women are coming happily to donate or sacrifice their hair. Their heads are shaved and the hairs are collected in one corner of the complex. Through this, sacrifice each and everyone is happy and thankful to his/her life. People come pray for salvation.

Indian temple Hair

People are coming of different ages having different hairs. In case of Hindu, it is a temple and the same is done by Muslim in mecca and Vatican for Catholics. This is Indian temple hair all about.

There are 2 types of hair-

• Virgin hair
Remy hair

Virgin hairs are the hairs in which has never been treated with the chemical. Means the hairs are at natural state. The hairs which are having Cuticles in same directions are said to be Remy’s hair. In this hair can come in contact with chemical but the cuticles should remain in the same direction.

Indian temple Hair

Advantages of Indian Hair:

• Indian hair is easily and readily available in the market.
• The density of Indian hairs is Very fine.
• The Indian hairs are light in weight.
• Indian hairs are fluffy.
• Hair textures suit Indian hair well.
• Hairs can be easily curled.
• Indian Hairs are easily stylish-ed.
• Indian hairs are versatile in nature.
Hairs of Indian are more valuable because the hairs are silkier and the hairs have not been treated with artificial dye. In fact, the herbal soap and coconut oil are the two things which come in contact with Indian hair. The pigment from the hairs is removed with the help of soaking.
Once all the process has been done hair is packed in the cardboard box or container and shipped to different countries like Nepal, Rome, Italy and some part of India.

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